Corporate Event Planning

Corporate Event Planning Services

Corporate events are very diverse and can vary significantly based on the size of the company and the nature of the business. Corporate events could be triggered for a myriad of reasons. For example: Team building events, sales kick offs, team offsite events, product launches, store openings, etc.

Here are some examples of corporate events:

Sales Kick Offs

Most companies kick off the New Year with a strategy and approach to grow and increase sales year over year. This involves communication to all sales leaders within the organization. This involves bringing all sales leaders to a common location, managing all travel and logistics, a mobile app for updates, agendas etc. Meals and snacks during the conference are critical and integral to the kick off process. In addition, audio visual and projector are critical to the success of the event. Emcee is extremely important to ensure everybody hears the same thing. Breakout sessions and team building activities help build stronger teams.

Offsite Meetings

Companies or business units within large companies bring all their employees to a common location to foster healthy working relationships and strong teams. Face to face meetings help align organizations towards a common goal. This involves travel logistics, planning meals, audio visual needs, goodies for participants. After hours group activities are also incorporated into team building events.

Store Openings

Companies have key activities associated with their store openings. This could include entertainment, food, showcasing of store products and services. Door prizes, raffles, decor and day of coordination are some of the key tasks to be executed on this important day.

As Event Planners, Raindrops on Roses are very aware of the needs and resources required to make a corporate event successful. We extremely familiar with logistics coordination, security requirements and managing the flow of events on the big day or multiple day events.