Graduation Party Planning

Graduation Party – “You are ready to make a statement”

You have just reached an important milestone in your life by finishing your graduation. After all, you do want to announce to the world that you have finally “arrived”! But graduation party planning and graduation parties require a great deal of preparation, and it can get stressful if you don’t have experience planning events and, celebrations shouldn’t be stressful! So, leave the planning stress to us and you can enjoy the party!

Planning a graduation party – Leave it to the professionals

Fortunately, you do not have to do everything. We are right here! We are the professional graduation party planners who can assist you. As a graduation party planner, we ensure that we do not leave out any aspect of the proposed event and work with you to make the event a thundering success. We, at Raindrops on Roses Event Planners based out of Highlands Ranch in Colorado and we can help from concept to design to execution.

What does Graduation Party Planning Include?

Right from choosing a suitable venue so as to accommodate all the guests to the catering as well, decorations, party favors, photo booths, etc. we assist you with every aspect professionally, ensuring your big day is smooth and stress free! A graduation party planner like Raindrops on Roses will work with you to address the following aspects:

  • Venue selection – Indoor as well as outdoors depending on your requirement.
  • Theme Selection – We will help you choose one that incorporates your vision.
  • Catering – Provide the best option within your budget and your taste.
  • Budget management – We understand you will have budget constraints and will come out with innovative solutions that will help you stay within those constraints without compromising on the grandeur of the event.
  • Event customization – Since every high school graduation party is unique , we will help in customizing the event to bring your vision to reality.

Graduation Party – Concept to execution

If you are looking for graduation party planners around the Denver area, then Raindrops on Roses can be your best choice. We will not compromise and we will ensure it is a smashing event and it stays within your budget.

From the stage of conceptualizing the event to the ultimate execution, we will be there with you to take care of mundane chores of arranging invitations, managing RSVPs, coordinating with the photographers and videographers, talking to the decorators as well as planning entertainment options.

We will even take care of the return favors ensuring all guests return with fond memories of the event.

Graduation party planner – Why do you need one?

When you choose a graduation party planner like Raindrops on Roses, you deal with a single point of contact who is organized, communicates with you, manages your budget and brings your vision to reality. We are in touch with an assortment of vendors to cater to all requirements and at rates that would fit into your budget. You can rest assured that you and your guests will have fond memories of this party.

So contact us now and let’s get that AWESOME Graduation Party planning started!