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Weddings are so special for the bride and groom. It is the culmination of the love and commitment of two people into the next step in their lives. We want to help make this day extremely special and memorable for you. Wedding planning is an extremely meticulous process as it involves so many different tasks. You may think of planning a birthday party all by yourself but wedding planning is not as simple as that. It is highly recommended that you reach out to experienced event planners who can guide and support you all through this process.

The bride and the groom have so many dreams for their wedding day and we make every effort to ensure their dreams are fulfilled. Our niche is in fusion weddings and south Asian weddings. We will work very closely with you on the minute details for your wedding dress, securing a venue that fits your budget, meets your needs for location, look, feel and capacity

As wedding planners, we make every effort to fit your vision and theme. The themes could be based on a color scheme or rustic outdoor theme or a country theme etc. We assist with venue, catering, d├ęcor, return favors, entertainment, limos, assistance with shopping, bridal shower etc. For South Asian weddings we assist with henna, Sangeet parties, dhol, baraat, and the godi (horse)

It is important that your guests feel welcome and relate to your vision and dream for your special day. As wedding event planners, we take all these factors into account as we start planning for your big day.

Trust is extremely important between the client and event planner. We assure you that we will deliver and deliver on time and within your budget to make your dream a reality. We offer a one hour complimentary consult session.

Why Rely On ROR Events?

We are your single point of contact throughout the planning process for your special day. We are anal organized and experienced to handle end to end planning and execution of events. We have an excellent track record and happy customers. We offer very competitive pricing for end to end planning and day of coordination. We also offer hourly pricing and flat fee for only day of coordination.

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